The Intelligent Real Estate Investor

Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Carl Icahn, Mark Cuban and all wealthy people have the same core information that they used to build wealth and find success through real estate investments.

Learn. Invest. Make Money

The No-Luck required guide to real estate investing.

Access the same Practical and Actionable Information Mega Investors have used to make tons of money in Dubai Real Estate

You'll Learn:

  • How the correct mindset, helps you buy the right properties leading to financial freedom for you and your generations.
  • How to understand and use the global playground and economic climate to your advantage when investing in Real Estate.
  • How to evaluate if a city like Dubai still has opportunity in it. Looking at the right indicators to make the best decision.
  • How to evaluate the perfect properties to invest, to flip them for profit or hold them for long term rental income and capital gain.

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    This isn't just any real estate investment book.

    This is THE BOOK - if you want to harness the power of investing in Real Estate anywhere in the world.

    It has principles, which you can (I swear by these) apply to any real estate investment in any country or city of the world.

    These principles I learnt from the 11 years I spent in the trenches of investing, buying, selling and helping other investors do the same in one of the most rewarding, exciting and biggest opportunity market of this century, i.e. Dubai.

    No one actually talks about these principles, nor does anyone teach these fundamentals. ALL mega investors, play by these rules, but it is to their advantage to not share these and keep it all to themselves.

    I stand for you and to help you grow your money many folds. I want you to win and learn these principles so you can grow your money and create wealth that will serve your generations and give you financial freedom.

    Go for it. If you can't commit to this small thing, you'll never be on your way to financial freedom. I am literally giving this book away, harness the power of these principles and learn to earn and make money in Real Estate.

    About the Author

    14+ years in real estate (first in Toronto -2006) and since 2007 in Dubai, helping investors make money. 
    Fahd was heading a USD 300 million funds investing in under-construction/ready residential and commercial properties.

    Fahd Dawood

    Born and raised in Dubai, Fahd's
    family has been here for 4 generations.

    Fahd's been involved in over 2,500 transactions and hence explains how to reduce risk, buy smart and make strong returns regardless of which way the wind blows.

    Fahd is a teacher at heart. He believes in presenting the information, helping you understand the why; not just the what and how.                                             
    He wants you to be confident in your decisions and this book gives you the tools you need to do just that.
    He won't give you a fish; when you finish this book, you'll know how to catch them yourself..

    Fahd is an investor himself,  (which matters most), as he knows which properties to target to gain maximum financial gain and teaches that to you.

    He holds a BBA Honors from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto.

    My Personal Guarantee:

    I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book. If it's
    not everything you hope it will be, I'll return your
    fee. You can even keep the book.

    Sound fair enough?

    This Is The Moment Your Life Could Change. The Cost Of A Coffee Stands Between
     You And The Life You Deserve. If You Act Now, You Can Start To Step Into That Life.
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    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let me know how your life changed as a 
    result of not only reading this book, but taking action on it. Together, we can change 
    more than your bank balance. Together, we can change the world.

     -Fahd Dawood 

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